Greasemonkey Weather Underground Reorganizer

Greasemonkey rocks!

My first public Greasemonkey user script is a Weather Underground Reorganizer.

It was based upon Matthew Gray’s user script that moved the forecast contents above the header and sidebar.

My version includes Matthew’s re-org and adds a similar re-org on the local and regional radar pages. It also adds direct links to the animated local and regional radar pages where appropriate on the forecast and local radar pages.

I’ve not added any ad blocking to the script, adblock probably would do a fine job on the ads. Weather Underground asks just $5 per year to be ad-free and they give you access to daytime animated radar data as part of the deal, so I’ve been a subscriber for years now.

I hope this script will work for others, and welcome feedback on it. My email address is over in the right side bar.

Saturday April 30, 2005   ·   Permalink