Angled Footstool in Google SketchUp

I’ve been playing with Google SketchUp (like thousands of others).

Angled/nursing footstool Here is a small angled footstool, sometimes sold as a nursing footstool, drawn in Google SketchUp.

The joinery is very simple, just two screws through each side into the brace, and four screws from the top, two into each side. All screws are covered with wood plugs. I built ours from oak, but any harder wood would work, cherry, jatoba, maple, ash, whatever matches your environment. Since it is somewhat shaker styled, you could even make it from poplar and milk paint it.

Not shown in the sketch (yet) are the small rubber feet that I inset into holes on the bottoms of the side pieces. I left the rubber proud of the hole by about 1/8” to keep the stool from sliding on the berber carpet. Other carpets may not be as slippery.

Dimensions are: top 14×10, highest point about 6 1/4”. There is a dimension layer in the sketch that you can turn on to see all the dimensions.

Wednesday May 3, 2006   ·   Permalink