Earning the Snow Ski Belt Loop and Pin

Snow Ski and Board Sports Pin Last weekend we made our annual trip to Seven Springs to enjoy some skiing. This year, in addition to the normal ski lessions, son #1 was going to work on the requirments for his skiing belt loop and pin. We mentioned this to Randy who runs the Jr Ski School at Seven Springs when asking what we could do to have #1 talk to a Ski Patrol. Since #1 was going to be in lessons the next day, Randy called the Ski Patrol and arranged for someone to meet #1 before lessons started on Friday.

#1 got a great suprise when Friday came. As part of talking to a Ski Patrol member, he got to take a snowmobile ride to the top of the resort to hang out at the Ski Patrol building at the top of the 6-pack lift. He had a great time talking to Chris and another Ski Patrol member and seeing what they do when not out helping skiers or skiing.

If you find yourself at Seven Springs during the week with your Cub Scout, the Jr Ski School can help your scout to get his belt loop and pin. Be sure to let them know your son is working on his requirements and they will help make sure everything is covered.

Sunday February 1, 2004   ·   Permalink