Hello Bloglines, Sayonara Blagg

I’d been using Blagg for quite a while to produce my Dailynews weblog from a few dozen RSS feeds.

A couple weeks ago I ran across Bloglines and decided to try it out. It was very simple to setup my account and import the OPML file that I was using as input for Blagg. Even better than my Blagg/Blosxom setup was the fact that I could categorize the RSS feeds and Bloglines would let me know how many new articles were there.

Since I read my RSS feeds both at home and work, Bloglines is even better than my setup, since it keeps track of which articles I’ve read from whereever I was.

So I’m retiring my Dailynews setup and going to Bloglines exclusively.

Saturday March 27, 2004   ·   Permalink