Brickyard Travel Notes

Getting to the track:

I-70 from Dayton to Indy. Make notes on where there are constructions zones on I-70, since you’ll want to avoid them at all costs on the return trip (US 40 is just 2-5 miles south of I-70 from Indy to Richmond. Pop off the highway an exit or two before the constructions zones and enjoy the drive on US 40 rather than the parking lot that I-70 becomes)

Keep on I-70 until you hit I-65 north. Take the 38th St exit off of I-65 (just a few miles after you get onto I-65). On the 38th St exit, take the Kessler Blvd exit and turn right (south) onto Kessler.

This map shows the 38th/Kessler area also showing down to 30th St.

After getting onto southbound Kessler, you go a mile or so and then make a right turn onto 30th St. Follow 30th street west, across Lafayette and the Railroad tracks and then start looking for a nice front yard with parking available.

This map shows red pins marking the area that you probably want to park in. Find a front yard right on 30th and you’ll be able to pull out into traffic to get out. If you go into the neighborhoods on either side, you’ll be stuck with lots of other folks trying to get out the one or two roads that exit the neighborhood.

Then just walk a little ways west on 30th to get to the track entrance. Once inside the fence, you can make your way back east in the parking area to a road that leads into the turn three area, where you can get into the track. The seats are on around to the left if you enter at the turn three entrance.

You can park for free in the north lot, but owing to there only being a couple of lanes out of the lot, it will take a while to get out.

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