Pinewood Derby Cars

Pinewood Derby cars The pack Pinewood Derby was early last month and all of us had a blast building our cars. On the left is my entry into the open/stock class, next is #1’s Runaway House and on the right is #2’s Yellow Fireball. Each of us finished first in our class and since #2 was the fastest Tiger in the pack, he’ll be going to the district races.

Both boys spent a quite bit of time polishing the axles for their cars along with selecting matched sets of wheels. They both saw the benefits of concentrating on the friction points. I also built a short test track without a center guide so we could make sure the cars tracked straight before we even went to test-and-tune night. The test track worked well and we didn’t have to make any alignment changes at all.

Thursday February 10, 2005   ·   Permalink