Ties can make you go blind!

As I had suspected all along: ties are bad for you.

Researchers have found out that wearing a tie can raise glaucoma risk

All the more reason to work in an environment where ties are not required or expected :-)

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Lileks Dreams Rich Dreams

James Lileks in today’s Bleat dreams about what he would do if he hit the 165 mil PowerBall lottery. I particularly like this passage:

As for my daughter, well, I’d put money in bank accounts around the world, with the stipulation that she show up in person to get the money, and she’d have to be of a certain age. This way I could make sure she spent her 20s acting responsibly, and her 30s traveling the world when she’s old enough to appreciate it. Unlike her bassackward dad.

Go and read the whole thing, it’s worth your time to dream a little.

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Making Sports Even More Extreme

It’s no longer extreme enough just to strap yourself to a kite and throw yourself off a cliff or sand dune. Folks in the UK have modified a hang glider to include a 95 lb thrust gas turbine (jet) engine

(Thanks Gizmodo)

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Marietta Ohio, Then and Now

The Marietta Times website has put together a neat feature showing old photos from Marietta that change to a recent view of the same site when you move your mouse over the photo. The Marietta Then & Now site is a neat use of web technology to show how our environments have changed.

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Lunar Eclipse Photo Contest Winners

Here is an absolutely beautiful set of photographs from contest held by Luminous Landscape for the best photographs from the May 15th, 2003 lunar eclipse.

(Thanks 101-365)

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AccordionGuy Reminded Me of My Radio Appearances

AccordionGuy’s notes about his appearance on Keith Larson’s radio show reminded me about the times I was part of the Radio PC Review show with some co-workers.

Twice in ‘99 a number of us appeared on the show to talk about Linux. We were all into Linux, but it still wasn’t the accepted technology that it is today. Both times we had an absolute blast talking about Linux stuff and taking some calls and giving away some CDs to help get others into it.

Then in early 2000 I was part of two hour live Linux Installfest online. There’s even a polaroid of that show. The picture is the lower left one, and I’m in the back behind “SETI Dave” and “The Linux Guy”. That show was a riot with us having a table full of PCs and running Linux installations and describing the steps on the air. I’d gotten hold of a copy of Caldera OpenLinux which came with an installer that let you play Tetris while it sucked data off the CD and onto the disk. Both the other guys had a great laugh at that. We also attempted to do an Linux vs NT installation race, but it never really got started well since NT didn’t like the hardware for some reason (it got partway through and hung up).

While the show has changed names (it’s called IT Matters now) it’s still on five days a week. I wonder what it would be like to go on and talk about Linux three years after the last show? Things have changed so much in that time. My employer is now allowing us to install Linux servers (I have two in mission critical areas right now :) and in most meetings where hardware upgrades are discussed it’s not uncommon to discuss movement of products to Linux since the Intel hardware has a better price to performance ratio than some other Unix hardware solutions.

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