Lemmings in DHTML?

Wow, what a interesting (ab)use of DHTML: Lemmings Oh No!

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Back Channel Chatter

The New York Times has an article looking at the “new” phenomenen of back channel chatter during lectures, speeches, etc. My co-workers and I have been doing this for quite a while, using IRC for communications during conference calls with vendors and the like.

Maybe now more folks will know about this and keep up the pressure on the suits and talking heads, since they know about how to coordinate outside the expected communications channels.

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Blosxom 2 Has Been Released

Today Rael Dornfest released Blosxom version 2. It was a very simple upgrade from rc5 that I had been running.

Thanks Rael (and all the other helpers) for Blosxom!

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Paper Craft from Yamaha

Yamaha (the motorcycle company) has something completely unexpected on their website, a nice collection of papercraft for your cutting and assembly pleasure (or frustration, as the case might be). There are a number of motorcycle models along with animals and seasonal decorations.

(Thanks Major FUN)

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BananaSlug: Searching Google with Randomization

BoingBoing pointed to BananaSlug which uses the Google APIs to search for your search terms plus a random word chosen from a list of sources including a dictionary, Shakespeare, proper names and cities. It’s a semi automated way to get serendipitous search results for your surfing pleasure.

Of course, getting mentioned on BoingBoing is a sure way to run out the 1000 searches for your Google API key quickly. Steve Nelson has updated the site already and now it will return a link to Google with a random word setup for you, or let you use your own API key. Very cool!

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Free Stock Photographs

Stock.XCHNG is a free stock photography exchange site that seems to have a nice selection of photographs. Browsing around the site shows that they do seem to have a nice high quality set of photographs.

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(Thanks AccordionGuy)

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Gizmodo Flashes back to 1983

Gizmodo has a great flashback to the technology making the waves back in 1983.

Go and read about these newfangled cellphone things that have enough battery for 30 minutes of talk time and 8 hours of standby and sell for the incredibly low price of just $3,995.

Find out about the GRiD Compass 1101 laptop computer with an incredible 384K of memory and a built-in 1200 bps modem.

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More on Bad Web Robots

DiveIntoMark has an article with even more information about blocking spambots, spybots and other unwanted bots.

I’m not experiencing the kinds of bot behavior that he’s seeing, but I’ve noticed some odd stuff on a couple of the virtual domains I host. I’ll be looking into it further and seeing what of Mark’s suggestions to implement.

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Defeating Bad Web Robots with Apache

Lee Killough has an absolutely great page on tips and tricks for Apache that will help you defeat web robots that don’t respect your robots.txt file.

Seeing the different usages of mod_rewrite may also help me hide some of the cgi scripts I use behind other URLs that are shorter and easier to remember.

Thanks DiveIntoMark for the link.

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