Great Resource for Church Websites

HealYourChurchWebsite pointed to the CPC Website Ministry FAQ as a great resource for thinking about and implementing a church website.

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Old Articles Now Imported

All the old article have now been imported from my old blosxom weblog that lived at

It was a bit more work than I expected since I couldn’t use LOAD DATA INFILE, so I ended up generating a bunch of SQL statements to insert the old data into the textpattern table a line at a time.

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Using ProxyPass and RewriteEngine on Apache

When looking for examples of using ProxyPass and ProxyPassRevers usage in Apache, I found this great article on Apache mod_proxy in the CocoonWiki. The article talks about using the proxy setup for allowing access to a Cocoon servlet container, but the setup is applicable to any servlet container or back-end web services you can imagine. The author even shows how to mix serving static and dynamic pages from the proxy and how to make sure a decent error page is shown if the proxied service is down.

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Blosxom to TextPattern Links

I’ve become one of the VC200 of TextDrive the new venture of Dean Allen of TextPattern fame, I’m starting to look how I can move my Blosxom weblog posts into TextPattern. I’ll be using this entry to document any helpful links I find.

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Two Flash Games

Following links from all over the place (but ultimately starting at Bloglines) I found myself at Clive Thompson's weblog Collision Detection. There he mentioned Plastic Balls (think circular breakout with magnetism) and Blob Lander (Lunar Lander with fun graphics and challenges); both are very stylish fun to play Flash games.

Thanks Clive!

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Pixel Perfect Digital

Pixel Perfect Digital is another site with a growing collection of digital photos and images for use in website designs. Interesting is the fact that they even have a category of web banner designs at 800×200 all ready for use.

Thanks xBlog

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Hello Bloglines, Sayonara Blagg

I’d been using Blagg for quite a while to produce my Dailynews weblog from a few dozen RSS feeds.

A couple weeks ago I ran across Bloglines and decided to try it out. It was very simple to setup my account and import the OPML file that I was using as input for Blagg. Even better than my Blagg/Blosxom setup was the fact that I could categorize the RSS feeds and Bloglines would let me know how many new articles were there.

Since I read my RSS feeds both at home and work, Bloglines is even better than my setup, since it keeps track of which articles I’ve read from whereever I was.

So I’m retiring my Dailynews setup and going to Bloglines exclusively.

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Cool Tools is one Cool Tool

I'm constantly amazed by the types of cool tools that show up on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website. Just this week alone I learned about a free conference call service, mukluks, and making 3D books.

Cool Tools is definitely one cool tool that I like showing up in my daily news feed.

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Favicons from Pictures

Favicons from Pics at is an online service for generating a favicon.ico file from a jpg, png or gif file.

The FavIcon from Pics makes it easier to create icons for your web pages. Simply select a picture, logo or other graphic (of any size/resolution) that you already have for the "Source Image" and click "Generate FavIcon.ico"

Thanks xBlog

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The Jackalope

A Jackalope If I’d been a couple of years younger when I first encountered the jackalope I probably would have believed it. Travelling in Wyoming in 1977 with my parents, I saw a taxidermist version of the jackalope in a store. It certainly did look real.

The jackalope is a species of antlered rabbit. It is known to be highly aggressive, willing to use its antlers to fight. Thus, it is also sometimes called the “warrior rabbit.”

The Museum of Hoaxes has a lot more on photographic and other hoaxes.

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